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When Josie Comes Home
Book 1 of the New West Series

The future’s a lot like the past -- the West’s still hard on women and horses.

The future’s a wonderful place to be if you were considered worthy -- until a huge solar flare slagged the world computers. Now, over two hundred years later, the unworthies are all that’s left of humanity, and they’ve reverted back to the old, old ways.

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Deacon's Ark
Book 2 of the New West Series

The Green Goddess may be carrying the only normal people and animals left in the world -- good thing Josie and her Hero are on board.

What's supposed to be a leisurely trip on the best riverboat cruising the Green River turns into a fight for survival for all the passengers, crew, and livestock on board the Green Goddess with the discovery that a plague from the Northern Wastes has attacked the river towns. Now Deacon and Josie have to use their wits, savvy, and experience to try save everyone on board, as well as the rest of humanity, from becoming cannibalistic mutants.